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Care for everything

A holistic approach towards sustainability.

Zero Waste
Respectful, from the drawing table to the end of the lifecycle of our garments. A holistic approach towards sustainability.

A thoughtful collection where every inch of fabric matters

Conscious Sourcing
Preferred fibers, the core of each collection.

Preferred fibers as the core of each collection.

Recycled Polyester

Plastic bottles melted, spun and woven into fabric. Waste has never looked so good.

Recycled Leather

A second life for leather scraps, less garbage in the landfills.


Cultivated with less pesticides. Durable, soft and fast growing.


Coming from eucalyptus cellulose. Lightweight and tender to the skin.


Ancient, strong, natural and lustrous.


A top fiber used for centuries. Breathable, resistant and organically grown, using less water and soil nutrients.

Organic Cotton

Cotton without toxic pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. Pure at its core.

Our sustainable garments are guaranteed by the following third party independent certifications.

Fairtrade means better conditions and opportunities for cotton producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future.

"Organic" and "made with organic" certified by Ecocert Greenlife F32600, license number: 127906-SKUNKFUNK

Contains 100% organically grown cotton certified by Ecocert Greenlife F32600 according to the OCS standard visible on, license number: 127906-SKUNKFUNK

Made with 5% to 95% organically grown cotton, certified by Ecocert Greenlife F32600 according to the OCS standard visible on, license number: 127906-SKUNKFUNK

Trusted Suppliers
Respect for people, respect for the planet.
Fatima / Portugal, Barcelos

A company with a strong background in intermediation between fashion brands and factories that empowers women by creating employment in their region.

Mario / Barcelos, Portugal

Mario manages a family run traditional jersey knitting company in Portugal.

Andy / Shanghai, China

GOTS and OCS certified, he is one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion in China.

Apple & Rex / Ningbo, China

They are a couple of entrepreneurs and slow fashion activists that have grown side-by-side with Skunkfunk. Currently, they run an international knitting company OCS certified.

Anjali / Pondicherry, India

Fair Trade, GOTS, and OCS certified. She runs one of the most innovative suppliers in the region, while fighting for women's rights.

Ranga / Bangalore, India

He runs a 100% solar powered factory that produces the cotton paper we use for the tags of our garments. Compared with traditional methods, it consumes 1/10th of water and reuses 96% of it.

Eco packaging & Tagging
Conscious boxes, biobased bags and recycled cotton paper bags.

A thoughtful collection where every inch of fabric matters

In-store Recycling
In partnership with Koopera, a Basque initiative, we collect used garments to give them a second life.


1. Select the clothing and accessories you don't use anymore, dispose of them into Koopera's boxes inside of our stores.

You can bring: men, women and children's clothing, leather, fur, underwear, bed sheets and linens.

2. Koopera will collect and classify them for two purposes:


Items in proper condition will be sold in Koopera Stores at reduced prices. Some garments will be donated as well.


Items in poor condition will be recycled in order to produce energy.

The objective of this initiative is to reduce waste by prolonging the life of our garments, as well as to create social employment in local communities.

So far, Koopera has created 241 social reintegration jobs.

Carbon Footprint Commitment
From the transport methods we use to how we power our headquarters.
90% of our goods are transported by sea freight.
Our headquarters are 100% powered by renewable energy, certified by Goiener.
Thanks to our partnership with UPS, 42% of our online store shipments are carbon neutral.
In 2015 we have reduced our carbon footprint by 25%, saving 122,38t of CO2.
Our goal for 2020 is to reduce or carbon footprint by 30%.
Read our carbon footprint report here

On March 2016, we were awarded by the Bilbao City Hall as a company committed with the reduction of its carbon emissions.