Trusted Suppliers

We respect deeply the people we work with and the planet we live in. We work side-by-side with our suppliers, in China and India, to ensure our production complies with international standards. (BSCI, ETI, FLA, FWF, SA 8000 or WRAP.) Our aim is to build long term relationships based on transparency and mutual trust.

Fatima / Portugal, Barcelos

A company with a strong background in intermediation between fashion brands and factories that empowers women by creating employment in their region.

Mario / Barcelos, Portugal

Mario manages a family run traditional jersey knitting company in Portugal.

Andy / Shanghai, China

GOTS and OCS certified, he is one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion in China.

Apple & Rex / Ningbo, China

They are a couple of entrepreneurs and slow fashion activists that have grown side-by-side with Skunkfunk. Currently, they run an international knitting company OCS certified.

Anjali / Pondicherry, India

Fair Trade, GOTS, and OCS certified. She runs one of the most innovative suppliers in the region, while fighting for women's rights.

Ranga / Bangalore, India

He runs a 100% solar powered factory that produces the cotton paper we use for the tags of our garments. Compared with traditional methods, it consumes 1/10th of water and reuses 96% of it.

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