In-store Recycling

In partnership with Koopera, a Basque initiative, we collect used garments to give them a second life.


1. Select the clothing and accessories you don't use anymore, dispose of them into Koopera's boxes inside of our stores.

You can bring: men, women and children's clothing, leather, fur, underwear, bed sheets and linens.

2. Koopera will collect and classify them for two purposes:


Items in proper condition will be sold in Koopera Stores at reduced prices. Some garments will be donated as well.


Items in poor condition will be recycled in order to produce energy.

The objective of this initiative is to reduce waste by prolonging the life of our garments, as well as to create social employment in local communities.

So far, Koopera has created 241 social reintegration jobs.

Yes, we know you're craving details.

Dive into our Holistic Approach Towards Sustainability.

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Our sustainable garments are guaranteed by the following third party independent certifications.