Preferred fibers within our clothing collection SS17

Conscious Sourcing

Preferred fibers as the core of each collection.

Recycled Polyester

Plastic bottles melted, spun and woven into fabric. Waste has never looked so good.

Recycled Leather

A second life for leather scraps, less garbage in the landfills.


Cultivated with less pesticides. Durable, soft and fast growing.


Coming from eucalyptus cellulose. Lightweight and tender to the skin.


Ancient, strong, natural and lustrous.


A top fiber used for centuries. Breathable, resistant and organically grown, using less water and soil nutrients.

Organic Cotton

Cotton without toxic pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. Pure at its core.

Our sustainable garments are guaranteed by the following third party independent certifications.

Chetna Project

Since 2015, we are a proud member of the Chetna Project, an organization that aims to transform agriculture into a profitable and sustainable practice by training and promoting small farmers in India. Chetna has empowered 35,852 agriculturists in the region.

Currently, 81% of our collection is made from preferred fibers, from which 48% is organic cotton. For 2020 we are committed to reach 100% organic cotton sourcing.

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