Respectful, from the drawing table to the end of the lifecycle of our garments. A holistic approach towards sustainability.

Zero Waste, a thoughtful collection where every inch of fabric matters.

Innovative Design

Preferred fibers, the core of each collection.

Conscious Sourcing

Respect for people, respect for the planet.

Trusted Suppliers

Conscious boxes, biobased bags and recycled cotton paper tags.

Eco Packaging & Tagging

In partnership with Koopera, a Basque initiative, we collect used garments to give them a second life.

In-store Recycling

We extend the life of damaged pieces by offering in-house repairing.

In-house Repairing

We create happenings where our customers can exchange Skunkfunk clothes and renew their wardrobe without buying.

Swapping Events

From the transport methods we use to how we power our headquarters.

Carbon Footprint Commitment

Yes, we know you're craving details.

Dive into our Holistic Approach Towards Sustainability.

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Our sustainable garments are guaranteed by the following third party independent certifications.