A space for the rebels and outsiders that express their individuality through art and creation.
Each season we collaborate with them by merging art and fashion from a singular perspective.

Art Collage

Fashion design

Martina Spetlova · SS12

Skunkfunk was invited to the last year’s edition of ITS and met there one of the finalists: the designer Martina Spetlova. She is a rising talent in the London fashion scene, graduated from Central Saint Martins.

Martina’s striking textures and her unique use of colours have gained her a growing reputation for creativity – the elements she combines would usually clash yet she finds a way to make it work.

Adaptability and flexibility are at the heart of her design ethos.

Her amazing work was convincing enough to have Skunkfunk proposing her collaborating on a project to be launched in SS12.


Ruth Green · FW12

As a new sponsor for ITS#FASHION Skunkfunk assigned the Skunkfunk Sustainability Award to the English designer Ruth Green.

It was easy to fall in love with Ruth Green for Skunkfunk’s project. It is sharp, intelligent and represents most of our basis: atemporality, multifunctionality, sustainability and tradition.

Her project talks about cashmere recycling process that although it has being made throughout more than 200 years, still now it is not well established in the fashion industry production processes.

Her designs reflects the action between the garment and the wearer: it is not the garment defining the silhouette but YOU wearing the garment who decides it, thanks to a delicate play of drawstrings that can be free manipulated. She has shown us a way to run away from the clichés of the eco-collections by combining delightful patterns, in a delicate recycled fibber that has been manipulated using an ancient tradition.

Ruth Green is at this moment working together with Skunkfunk in a capsule collection to be launched in FW12.


The ITS (International Talent Support) project is one of the main current projects.
ITS is a platform for creative minds in the fashion scene to give visibility, support and a voice to young talent.
In its edition number 10, Skunkfunk took part as sponsor giving the Skunkfunk Sustainability Award:

The winner, Ruth Green, received 5.000€ in cash prize and the opportunity to create a capsule collection with which will be part of the next Skunkfunk FW12 collection.